Words from the chair

Dear English Majors,

First of all, I wish you all a joyful and vision-expanding journey of university life.

Given that it is impossible to sever a language from its cultural context, nor is it possible to isolate it from contemporary social and technological developments, English Department is more than a place for you to polish your language skills; rather, it is a site for you to cultivate the knowledge of humanity and the ability of independent thinking. The courses in our department, inclusive of those of literature, linguistics, TESEL and translation, not only serve to equip you with a specialty but to broaden your perspective to understand the cultural context and knowledge related to this language. You are also encouraged to develop a second specialty through various channels provided by our university so that you can be well-equipped to cope with a highly competitive marketplace. Hence, during your university years, explore your interests, find your dream and enjoy your quest!

Last but not least, hopefully, after this journey, every one of you will grow into an intellectual with a deep concern for humanity, the ability of independent thinking and the humble attitude of a lifelong learner.

Language Switcher