Christopher Shang-kuan Chang, Joseph K. Twanmoh Chair Professor

Ph.D., Comparative Literature at Austin, University of Texas, USA

“Colleges… have their indispensable office, –to teach elements. But they can only highly serve us, when they aim not to drill, but to create; when they gather from far every ray of various genius to their hospitable halls, and, by the concentrated fires, set the hearts of their youth on flame. Thought and knowledge are natures in which apparatus and pretension avail nothing. Gowns, and pecuniary foundations, though of towns of gold, can never countervail the least sentence or syllable of wit. Forget this, and our American colleges will recede in their public importance, whilst they grow richer every year.” (Ralf Waldo Emerson, The American Scholar)

It’s been my cherished dream to become a true Chinese/Taiwanese scholar that inspires our youth. I firmly believe that education is the only practical solution to all human problems. Colleges must therefore strive to cultivate young minds as their ultimate goal, to which I dedicate myself wholeheartedly.

Specialized fields: translation theory, cross-cultural studies and comparative literature

Office: Q117



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