Catherine Diamond, Professor

Ph.D., Comparative Drama with Emphasis in English, Spanish and Chinese Theatre, University of Washington, USA

As a writer of fiction and poetry, I am interested in readers’ experience of literature and how it is informed by culture, generation, language, values, and most of all, the individual imagination. Therefore, I try to open students up to the richness and potential possible in their own interaction with literature, and steer them away from the ‘only-to-pass-the-exam’ mentality.
As a dramatist who loves the creation of new worlds made possible by the imaginative team work of stage production, I try to give students the experience of being another character to free themselves from the restraints felt in everyday life, and to feel passion about something that is not involved in profit.

Specialized fields: Comparative Drama, Theatre Production, Eco-literature and criticism, Gender and Theatre, Comedy in Literature and Drama, and Shakespeare.

Office: P402 (ext. 6497)


Language Switcher