Yauling Hsieh, Professor

Ph.D., Comparative Literature, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Sharing life experiences with students is my way of teaching literature. In many excellently written texts, we explore human nature; through the authors’ guidance, we think in depth about a wide range of issues and ideas.  Oftentimes we become filled with awe for life itself and with respect and sympathy for others. Thus do we study and discuss together. If I am able in this way to bring a spark of inspiration to my students, affect them in a positive way, encourage them to work hard to pursue their dreams and to be better persons who will make the world a better place in their own special way, I will then smile.

Specialized fields: English Literature, European Literature, Comparative Literature

Office: Q208 (ext. 6506)

Email: yauling@scu.edu.tw

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