Jennifer Meei-yau Wei, Distinguished Professor

Ph.D., General Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

I care very much about language. Its sounds and structures fascinate me more than anything and I spend hours listening (yes, just listening) to what is spoken around me. When I think I have had enough of what’s being said, I try to write a book, present a paper, or teach a course on what’s going on. In this way, I can connect my passion to my profession and perhaps help people make sense of words and sound in their worlds. I have two books, several book chapters and many presentations on language policy, language choices, and identity politics. At the moment, I am interested in keywords for better cross-Strait understanding and in what linguists call “framing” (why people see things in a certain way and how to convince them otherwise). I would love to try standup comedy someday (the best way to get people to listen) and I am a huge fan of Jay Leno and George Carlin.

Specialized fields: Anthropological Linguistics, Linguistic Aspects of the Chinese Diaspora.

Office: R0926 (ext.6510)



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