Byron Gong, Professor

PhD, Lancaster University, UK
Coming from Canada in 2001, Professor Byron Gong has been teaching various TEFL courses at this Department. Dedicated to his students, he makes a conscious effort to develop students’ language skills. His research principle is “Study for the sake of application, and keep improving.” The courses he has taught are mainly: Language Testing, ELT Methodology, Public Speech, Research Writing, and Linguistics, emphasizing language competence and performance. His research interest is mainly concerned with language testing, with many papers presented both at home and abroad. Prof. Gong has been appraised as an distinguished professor by the Ministry of Education since 2011, and elected as an excellent student advisor in 2013 at this University.

Academic interest: Standardised Language Testing, TEFL Course Design & Management, Public Speaking, General Linguistics, and Research Method

Office: R0920 (ext. 6517)


Language Switcher