Simon Kuan-yu Ou, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Out of a strong interest in language, I have grown a passion for translation and developed my expertise in it. In practice, I enjoy taking on translation tasks of various forms, genres and topics, and always feel strong thirst for knowledge about all kinds of things. In teaching, I like to integrate translation-related theories and real tasks into the curriculum, and to help students learn in an interactive way and develop an interest and competence in translation. In research, I delight in exploring how theories can be more possibly and fittingly applied in real practice, hoping to contribute to the teaching, learning, criticism and evaluation of translation.

Specialized fields: translation pedagogy, translation evaluation/assessment, translation criticism, translating into a non-mother tongue, TEFL.

Office: R0921 (ext. 6518)


Language Switcher