Alan Alagata, Lecturer

M.A., Christian Education Biola University, USA

My greatest joy as a teacher is to see students grow in their motivation to use English.  I love to see students desire to communicate and develop their skills in expressing themselves in English.  Whether in the classroom or outside the classroom it is gratifying to see students who have set goals to become more fluent in English.  As a reading and oral communication teacher I desire to set up an environment in which the students are stimulated to stretch and strengthen their communication abilities.   It is great to see students become more confident in their abilities to develop, express, and defend their views and opinions.  I want to give my students practical skills to use in their future endeavors whether in the work, family, or educational environment.  Lastly, I hope to encourage students to see their God-given abilities and talents and how they may maximize the use of them.

Specialized fields: Educational Training, Marriage & Family Counseling

Office: P209 (ext. 6498)



Language Switcher