Colin Gullberg, Lecturer

M.A., Economics, Concordia University, Canada

I have always held the opinion that an interesting student is more fun to teach, and will learn more, than a hard-working student. That’s not to say that students shouldn’t work hard, but I like to see students using English outside of the classroom, making English a part of their daily lives. I encourage you to study English less and use it more. Only by using English will you show improvement. I would also like to see students interact more with teachers outside of class more. The teachers are the greatest single resource at SCU so use this resource when you are at Soochow.

I teach mainly the first and second year oral-centered courses such as freshman conversation/reading, current events and business English. My favorite courses to teach are Film English and Business English. I hope to see you in one of my classes.

Specialized fields: Economic and Business English

Office: P105 (ext. 6514)


Language Switcher