Wayne Wen-chun Liang, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Interpreting and Translation Studies, University of Newcastle, U.K.

It is generally believed that a good translator or interpreter should not only equip with both the source and target languages but should also be familiar with the culture, customs, and social settings of the source and target language speakers. Thus, as a teacher of translation and interpreting, my aim is to motivate my students to develop a keen sensitivity to the problems of bilingual communication as well as an advanced awareness of the issues of cross-cultural understanding. To reach these ends, I have deployed a wide variety of teaching approaches and discussed problems students made and strategies they could adopt in dealing with cross-cultural challenges in translation and interpreting assignments. My style of teaching focuses on bringing enthusiasm, interaction, innovation and technology into the classroom to increase my students’ motivation to learn. Throughout my academic career, I have published several top-tier journal articles in various international venues.

Specialized fields: Translation and Interpreting Studies, Sociology of Translation, Translation of Modern and Contemporary Chinese

Office: R0920 (ext. 6517)

Email: wayneliang@scu.edu.tw

Language Switcher