Freshmen Curriculum

Course Title


English Reading and Conversation
Required 4/4

The purpose of this course is to help students become comfortable using English as a primary language for learning and communication. Students should become comfortable using English to communicate orally about a variety of everyday matters as well as in specific academic situations.

Introduction to Western Literature
Required 3/3

This course introduces students to the history and canons of Western literature, starting from the Old Testament, Homeric epics and Greek tragedies till Renaissance literature. Students will learn from this course not merely Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman traditions embedded in Western literature but also literary techniques and motifs that recur in literary works.

English Phonetics
Required 2/2

For students enrolled in and after 2012-2013 Academic year, English Phonetics would be an elective, single semester course (3/0)

The goals of this course are to: (1) familiarize yourself with the basic terminology of the study of phonetics, (2) identify speech organs and describe their functions, (3) describe how vowels and consonants are produced in English; (4) become aware of how stress is used in English, (5) be conscious of how intonation works in English and use it properly in conversations.


Introduction to English Literature
Required 2/2

This introductory course is designed to familiarize students with the constituent elements and literary techniques of different genres, including poetry, fiction and drama.  Students will also learn various critical approaches to cultivate their ability to interpret literary works.


English Grammar & Guided Writing
Required 2/2

This course is not a required course for students enrolled in and after 2012-2013 academic year.

The lessons in this course focus on major points of English grammar. The students are required to identify and to practice writing various types of sentences.


English Lexicology
Elective 3/0

This course is designed for those students who wish to enlarge their word power on a topic basis. As the first in the four-year word-study curriculum, English Lexicology addresses core vocabulary on different topics, such as food, clothing, transportation, health, etc. The aim is to fill the pre-collegiate lexical gap between our students and native English speakers. (After this lexical gap is somewhat bridged, students are advised to continue their word study with the sophomore English Word-formation, which focuses on major word-formation processes. If they are still keen on building their vocabulary, the junior English Etymology and the senior English Etymological Studies should be next on their agenda. Both etymological courses explore the learned part of the English lexis, with an emphasis slanted toward the origin and history of Latinate terms.)

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