Sophomore Curriculum

Course Title


Introduction to English Linguistics
Required 2/2

For students enrolled in and after 2012-2013 academic year, this course would be a required 3/3 course.

This course aims to familiarize students with the basic concepts of linguistics, the study of language. It introduces to students the fundamental concepts and methods of modern linguistics. In this course, students are not only learning about linguistic theories and issues, but also learning to think over languages, particularly English, in a scientific way.

English Literature: Pre-Romanticism
Elective 3/3

This course aims to teach students British literary masterpieces from Medieval times to the 18th century. Through their close readings of the texts, students will not only learn the vicissitudes of the literary traditions and prevalent genres but acquire the ability to appreciate and criticize required classical texts.

English Composition (I)
Required 2/2

This course is designed to develop students’ effective paragraph writing skills. Students are expected to read volumes of English articles to imitate the writing styles since reading becomes the natural cousin to writing – just like two sides of the same coin. Reading and writing, therefore, should be linked together to greatly improve students’ writing skills. Students need to review some important parts of grammar.

Required 2/2

The goal of this course is to help students explore and taste of the world of professional translators. It focuses on both theoretical and practical translation and demands students quite a bit of translation works. The course is conducted in both Chinese and English, but English is used most of the time to give students maximum exposure of the language.

Discourse on Current Issues
Required 2/0

Students should develop an awareness of current issues in the news and develop confidence when discussing them. They must be able to process and use information from different sources to back up their point of view in debate or discussion. Reading and speaking skills must be developed to further learning that enables students to use language skillfully when discussing controversial issues, agreeing or disagreeing, criticizing, reporting and developing ideas and courses of actions.

Business English
Required 2/0

The purpose of the class is to enable students to practice the English used in common business situations. The five key areas that will be covered are: socializing, telephoning, meeting, making business presentations, and negotiating. In addition, students may be introduced to some basic concepts of international trade and economics. No special knowledge of business terms or concepts is required.

Selected Readings in English & American Novels
Elective 2/2

Students in this course explore short fiction and novels by some of the most accomplished Anglo-American writers. Through the reading, historical and thematic evolutions of the Western novel will be traced, analyzed, and explored. Students will gain thematic understanding of what “the world of fiction” is about and develop their ability to appreciate and interpret literary works.

Selected Readings in English & American Prose
Elective 2/2

The purpose of this course is to induce students to read and think critically while fostering their interest in reading and writing the underappreciated genre of the personal essay since the 16th century. Basic reading skills will be reviewed and drills frequently performed.

Selected Readings in English & American Poetry
Elective 2/2

The objective of this course is to acquaint students with a wide range of poetic forms of expression, primarily of famous poems written originally in English. Students are expected to develop expertise in the interpretation of poetic works in terms of structure, style and thematic significance.

Journalistic English
Elective 2/2

The learner will be able to improve four language skills by discussing authentic news texts highlight a wide variety of regional and global issues grouped into different themes such as International Concerns, World Affairs, Life & Trades, Environment & Health, and Culture & Entertainment.
The learner will be able to summarize CNN news in spoken and written English and to develop their vocabulary in news English.

Gender Study: Short Story
Elective 2/0

This course will start with a brief introduction on the history of the feminist movement and its influence in English literature. The focus of the course is on short stories that deal with the issues of gender and women. Therefore, we will read such short stories by both male and female authors from the 19th century to contemporary and discuss the issues that are raised in these texts. 

Minority Discourse: Short Story
Elective 0/2

This course is an extension of Gender Study. After gaining the knowledge of feminism, the focus of this course is on the minority groups, such as works written by Asian-American, Afro-American and aboriginal writers.

English Word-Formation
Elective 0/3

This sophomore course is designed to help the students develop systematic vocabulary-building skills, thereby increasing their word power. Unlike other courses in the word-study curriculum, English Word-formation focuses on learned vocabulary grouped by different word-formation processes (including Greek combining forms). For those who are interested in the core vocabulary on different topics, they are advised to take the freshman English Lexicology. For those who wish to explore the origin and history of Latinate words, they should continue with the junior English Etymology and the senior English Etymological Studies.

English Phonology
Elective 0/2

This introductory course aims to equip students with basic knowledge of phonological theories and analysis. Through this course, students are expected to be able to capture the essential principles of phonological patterns and apply these principles to language-teaching as well as language-learning. In addition, students are encouraged to develop critical and scientific thinking.

Traditions in English Children’s Literature
Elective 2/0

This course introduces students to children’s literature from a traditional perspective and sets it within a historical context. Topics include the history of children’s literature in English, folk literature, development of childhood issues, and genre classification. Students do extensive reading of primary texts.

Contemporary Trends in English Children’s Literature
Elective 0/2

The purpose of this course is to examine current trends in English language children’s literature from picture books to children’s and young adult novels. Emphasis is placed on critical approaches to interpreting texts and ways in which texts treat such topics as culture, gender roles, identity, and maturity.

Chinese and English Sight Translation
Elective 2/0, 0/2

This course aims to train and reinforce students’ oral ability and reading speed, as well as the skills of doing two things with one mind.  This course is also a preparation for junior and senior’s oral interpretation courses.

Chinese and English Shadowing
Elective 2/0, 0/2

This course aims to strengthen students’ ability of understanding and analysis through shadowing training.  To correct their pronunciation, speaking tone and reinforce their memory, accuracy and fluency of speaking are raised by the training as well.

English Semantics
Elective 2/0

During this one-semester course, students will be exposed to the various ways in which words, utterances, and sentences mean what they mean, including how meaning is affected by context. Students will be encouraged to consider the similarities and differences between Chinese and English in the ways these two languages convey meaning. Students will also be introduced to the technical terms used by linguists & semanticists in talking about these issues.

Shakespeare in Performance
Elective 2/2

This course aims to foster a greater understanding of Shakespeare’s dramas and how these works have been performed and interpreted in different ways.  By comparing these different interpretive perspectives, students will have deeper understanding of the texts.

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