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Friday, November 3, 2017 




Registration and Check-in


Opening Ceremony 

Prof. Maosung Lin (林茂松教授)

President of TESPA (Taiwan English for Specific Purposes Association)
Dean, School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Soochow University


Plenary Speech I

Speaker: Dr. Leong Ko

Senior Lecturer, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Queensland, Australia

Title: Community Translation: Practice and Research

Moderator: Prof. Ching-Kang Liu (劉慶剛教授)

Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics, National Taipei University


Tea Break


Session A

Moderator: Dr. Leong Ko (高亮博士)

Presenter: Prof. Karen Chung-chien Chang(張中倩副教授)

Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics, National Taipei University

Title: Alternative Assessment in ESP Learning: Portfolio in Legal Translation

Presenter: Prof. Ching-Ying Li(李金瑛副教授)

Department of Applied Foreign Languages, University of Kang Ning

Title: A Cross-linguistic Analysis of Collocation Use in an ESP Context


Short Break


Session B

Moderator: Prof. Shao-Ting Alan Hung (洪紹挺教授)

Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Presenter: Prof. Ju Chuan Huang (黃如瑄助理教授)

Institute of Applied English, National Taiwan Ocean University

Title: Future directions in EAP teaching: Implications from a large-scale needs analysis survey

Presenter: Dr. Joshua Paiz

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Shanghai New York University, China

Title: Disciplinary Literacy and the Acquisition of Professional Identity: Professional Writing in a Sino-American Joint-Venture University


Lunch and Poster Presentation

TESPA Membership Convention

Venue: R0905


Plenary Speech II

Speaker: Dr. Jing Han (韓靜博士)

Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities & Comm Arts, Western Sydney University, Australia

Title: Achieving Cross-Cultural Communication in Audiovisual Translation

Moderator: Prof. Chao-Ming Chen (陳超明教授)

Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Shih Chien University


Short Break


Session C

Moderator: Prof. Wen-Chi Wu(吳文琪教授)

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Asia University

Presenter: Dr. Hui-Hsien Feng (馮蕙嫻博士)

Post-doctoral Research Associate, Iowa State University, USA

Title: A DDL-informed AWE system for engineering graduate students’ academic writing

Presenter: Wei Hong Chen (陳威鴻)

Graduate Student, Department of English, National Chengchi University

Title: Towards an Understanding of EFL Teachers’ Perception of World EnglsihesA qualitative case study with three elementary school teachers


Tea Break


Session D

Moderator: Prof. Meei Ling Liaw (廖美玲教授)

Department of English, National Taichung University of Education

Presenter: Naeree Han

MA Student, International Graduate School of English, Seoul, Korea

Title: Developing a discipline-specific
thesis writing course for Korean graduate students

Presenter: Dr. Su-Ching Juan(阮素菁博士)

Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University

Title: Establishing Validity of Research
Methodology through Investigation in the Taiwanese Workplace and University: Language Needs Analysis in EE and BE Education


Short Break


Session E

Moderator: Prof. Mei-jin Huang (黃美金教授)

Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Shih Chien University

Presenter: Cris Delatado-Barabas

Head of Language Arts Department, International Education Division-Guangdong Shunde Desheng School, China

Title: Rhetorical Moves and the Functional Constituent of Process in
Higher Education Institutions’ Promotional Materials

Presenter: Liang-Ching Chen (陳亮磬)

Graduate Student, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Title: A language instructional scaffolding model to help with ESP students’ autonomous learning

Saturday, November 4, 2017




Registration and Check-in


Session F

Moderator: Dr. Jing Han (韓靜博士)

Presenter: Prof. Andrew Chou (周茂林助理教授)

Department of Applied English, Kainan University

Title: Between Rational and Social— Singapore’s Speak-Good-English Movement

Presenter: Yun Han Chen (陳韻涵)

Graduate Student, Institute of Applied English, National Taiwan Ocean University

Title: Attitude Markers in News: A Comparison of English-Language Newspapers and Magazines


Short Break


Session G

Moderator:  Prof. Yinghuei Chen (陳英輝教授)

Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Asia University

Presenter: Prof. Byron Gong(龔營教授)

Department of English, Soochow University

Title: A Feasibility Study on ESP Programmes in Tertiary Education in Taiwan and Mainland China

Presenter: Chein-ho Lin (林千禾)

MA Student, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University

Title: Investigating the Effects of ESP Courses on Students’ Attitudes Towards EMI in Taiwan’s Higher Education


Tea Break


Session H

Moderator: Prof. Hsiu-Hui Su(蘇綉惠副教授)

Department of Applied English, Chaoyang University of Technology

Presenter: Maggie Leung

PhD Candidate, Department of English, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Title: A corpus-based study of phrasal
verbs in Engineering English

Presenter: Prof. Jenny Chang (張秀英助理教授)

General Education Center, Hwa Hsia University of Technology

Title: Conflict Resolution and Constructive Communication: Cross-Cultural Perspectives



Speaker: Ambassador Elizabeth Chu (朱玉鳳大使)

Title: Proper English usage in International Etiquette— verbal and non-verbal expressions

Moderator: Prof. Wu-Chang Chang (張武昌教授)

Department of Applied English, Ming Chuan University




Plenary Speech III

Speaker: Prof. Laurence Anthony

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan

Title: Addressing the challenges of Data-Driven Learning (DDL) in the ESP Classroom

Moderator: Prof. Wenli Tsou (鄒文莉教授)

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University


Short Break


Session I

Moderator: Prof. Jerome Su (蘇正隆助理教授)

Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, National Taiwan Normal University

Presenter: Dr. Tiffany IP

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Title: ESP in the classroom: Curriculum design and evaluation

Presenter: Dr. Vilma Andoy

University of Southeastern Philippines

Title: Learning from Students’ Experiences:
Implications for Curriculum Design in English for Specific Purposes


Tea Break


Session J

Moderator: Prof. Laurence Anthony

Presenter: Dr. Richard Davis

Foreign Language Center, Feng Chia University

Title: The Feng Chia Learner Corpus: Initial Advances

Presenter: Chen-Yu Liu (劉貞妤)

PhD Student, Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University

Title: Extracting Discipline-specific Lexical Bundles in
Academic Lectures on  Science Using Keyness-based Method


Short Break


Session K

Prof. Hsiao-chen Chiang

Department of English, National Changhua University of Education

Presenter: Prof . Joel Janicki

Department of English, Soochow University

Title: Reading Strategies in American Literature

Prof. Fredrik Tydal

Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Title: A Case Study on Subject
Specificity in ESP: Making Business Students Reflect on
Ethics through Glengarry Glen Ross


Short Break


Session L

Moderator: Prof. Morris Huang (黃敏裕助理教授)

Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Presenter: Dr. Mohd Asjad Husain

Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Title: Problems of Embracing Postmodernism in English Language Teaching: Issues of Pedagogical Legitimacy in Non-Native Context

Presenter: Prof. Hui Ju Tsai(蔡蕙如助理教授)

Language Center, National Taipei University

Title: The impact of e-learning on student motivation and achievement in EFL classes


Closing Ceremony

Prof. Maosung Lin (林茂松教授)