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Community Translation: Practice and Research

Recent developments in the circles of translation practice and research seem to suggest that community translation is emerging as a domain in its own right and is attracting growing attention globally. Indeed, in some multicultural and multilingual countries such as Australia, a significant part of translation in the market is targeting community readers, be they speakers of English or languages other than English (LOTE). However, to be specific, what is community translation, what features does it have, and how does it differ from other types of translation? Such issues remain to be explored or further explored in spite of some discussions already existing in this sector. This paper is designed to examine the definition of community, features of community documents, the definition of community translation, features of community translation, issues and strategies concerning community translation based on data collected from different subject fields, expectations of community translators, and lastly research on community translation, with reference to both the Australian and global context. The pair of languages used in the discussion of examples of community translation is English and Chinese.

Keywords: Community, community translation, community translation research