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The Department of English Language and Literature provides solid English language training as well as translation and interpretation skills. We are well known for our emphasis on linguistic, literary and cultural studies. In response to domestic industry demand and globalization, the English Department aims to train students to develop specialized language skills and to cultivate their knowledge and appreciation of the humanities. Graduates of the Department should have fostered the abilities to work professionally in cross-cultural fields, to think in global terms and to adapt to specific needs and demands of a dynamic work environment.


Undergraduate studies: For the minimum number of credits required for graduation please refer to the annual credit chart. Apart from compulsory courses and common core courses, all students are required to take 16 credits on courses outside the English Department to broaden skills and overall knowledge. Taking into consideration post-graduation work opportunities, students are eligible to take business and management courses.


Students accepted into the Department after Academic Year 97 must complete 18 credits in literature course of their choice. (see the annual credit chart)


Note: “Introduction to Western Literature”and “Introduction to English and American Literature”are mandatory for all students of the Department.


Graduation Requirements:

Apart from the minimum credits required for graduation, students who enrolled after Academic Year 97 are also required to pass at least one of the following exams:


GEPT- High-Intermediate Level

TOEFL- 83 points

TOEIC- 800 points

IELTS- level 6.0

List of English-Taught Courses:


English Conversation (英語會話)

English Reading (英文閱讀)

Selected Readings in English & American Prose (英美散文選讀)

English Conversation - Discourse on Current Issues (英語會話-英語時事討論)

English Literature: Pre-Romanticism (浪漫時期前英國文學)

English Phonology (英語音韻學 )

Traditions in English Children's Literature (英美兒童文學中的傳統脈絡)

Introduction to English Linguistics (英語語言學概論)

American Literature (美國文學 )

Oral Presentation in English (英語演講)

Shakespeare (莎士比亞)

Advanced English Conversation: Movie Discussion (進階英語會話:電影討論 )

Sociolinguistics (社會語言學)

International Conference Practicum (國際會議實務)

Selected Readings in Modern Drama(西洋現代戲劇選讀)

Bible as Literature: The Old Testament (聖經文學:舊約)

Advanced English Writing: Practical English (進階英文寫作:實用英文寫作)

Business Reading (商用英文閱讀)

English Debate (英語辯論)

English Language Test Construction and Evaluation (英語語言測驗與測驗評量)

Drama Production (西洋戲劇表演與製作)

Advanced Workplace English (高階職場英語)

English Creative Writing (英文創意寫作)

Contemporary American Literature(當代美國文學)

Reinforcement English Reading and Conversation I (深耕英文閱讀與會話一)


Comparative Literature: An Introduction (比較文學總論)

Introduction to Research Methodology (資料與研究)

Contemporary Novel (當代小說)

Seminar on Western Literature (西洋文學專題)

English Language Testing Theory and Practice (英語語言測驗理論與實踐)

ELT Theory and Practice (英語文教學理論與應用)

Teaching of Literature (文學教學理論與方法)

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