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English Speech
Required 2/2

Upon completion of the one year course, students will become; (1) intelligent listeners and analysts benefiting from speeches by fellow students, (2) experienced speech writers, and (3) confident speakers. Students are expected to give speeches on a regular basis and to actively participate in class activities and discussions. 

English Composition (II)
Required 2/2

This course focuses on writing as a way of learning. You’ll use writing to explore both your own experience and the experiences of others. You’ll also use writing and reading as techniques for learning about ideas and concepts. In the course of doing so you’ll discover what you know and what you need to know about your writing processes. This course will give you semester-long practice in using effective writing processes, developing an awareness of yourself as a writer, using teacher and peer responses effectively, exploring various reading and information-gathering strategies, and learning effective editing and proofreading strategies. Having completed the course, the students shall be able to write clearly organized, well-developed essays fulfilling specific assignments. 

English Literature: Post-Romanticism
Elective 3/3

This course is a close study of British masterpieces in the Romantic period, the Victorian age and the 20th century, covering selected important literary works by Romantic poets, Victorian writers and English modernists like Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. The objective of this class is to familiarize students with the history, thoughts and literary styles of the authors, and then to enable students to appreciate the beauty and pathos in the literary works

American Literature
Elective 3/3

This course aims not only to provide students with profound knowledge of the history of American literature from the Colonial period up to the 20th century but to equip students with the ability to read critically the canonical literary works in American literature.

Required 2/2

This one-year course aims at high-level English majors. After obtaining the basic skills and ideas of translation, students are exposed to a variety of different types of text that professional translators encounter at work. The class is presented in a workshop format, which demands quite a bit of work outside of class. In the first semester, students will translate from English into Chinese while in the second semester, from Chinese into English. The goals of this course are to help students explore and taste of the world of professional translators. The course is conducted in both Chinese and English, but English is used most of the time to give students maximum exposure of the language.

Elective 2/2

This course aims to familiarize students with Shakespearean plays-with the focus placed on his comedies and historical plays in the first semester and on his tragedies in the second semester.  Through this course students will also understand the historical contexts of the Shakespearean theater and read the dramas not only with the sensibility of the Elizabethan period but also from a modern perspective.

Selected Readings in Modern Drama
Elective 2/2

This course aims to introduce students to different schools of modern Anglo-American dramas, including expressionism, impressionism, surrealism and the absurd theater.  Students have to study more than four scripts and analyze the texts by applying different theoretical approaches.

Bible as Literature: The Old Testament
Elective 2/0

This course introduces students to the literature of the Jewish Bible (Christian Old Testament) in English. Attention is given to the development of the texts, their redaction, and canonization as well as to the major narratives, personalities, and passages that have influenced English and American literature and culture.

Bible as Literature: The New Testament
Elective 0/2

This course introduces students to the literature of the Christian New Testament. Attention is given to the historical background, relationship to the Hebrew scriptures, and interpretive possibilities as well as to the major figures, narratives, and development of theological writing. Apocryphal texts, translation issues, and contemporary scholarship are also considered.

Literary Criticism
Elective 2/2

This course aims to help students understand literary theories and criticism, focusing on modern and contemporary theories with a retrospective look at traditional models.

Consecutive Interpretation
Elective 2/2

Consecutive Interpretation is a one-year course aims at high-level English majors. In the first weeks, students touch upon basic concepts of interpreting. After obtaining basic skills and ideas of interpreting, students are exposed to the skills of consecutive interpretation. The goal of this course is to help students to explore and taste the world of professional interpreters.

English Etymology
Elective 3/0

Designed for those students keen on enlarging their word power in a systematic and scientific way, English Etymology continues to explore the learned part of the English lexis, with an emphasis slanted toward the origin and history of Latinate terms.
English Etymology Studies
Elective 0/3
A sister course of English Etymology, this English Etymological Studies is also designed for those students keen on enlarging their word power in a systematic and scientific way. It continues to explore the learned part of the English lexis, with an emphasis slanted toward the origin and history of Latinate terms.

International Conference Practicum
Elective 2/0, 0/2

This course is designed for students who are interested in learning to become effective participants or organizers of international conferences. Upon completion of the course students should be able to (1) act appropriately as active members in international meetings, and (2) plan, organize, or assist in bringing about successful international meetings.

Advanced English Conversation: Movies Discussion
Elective 2/0

The purpose of this course is to allow students to improve their English listening and speaking skills through watching and discussing films. This is not a film course per se but an English course which uses film as its main teaching material. The goals of the course are for students to use English film dialogue to improve vocabulary, speaking and listening ability, to increase understanding of American culture through film, and finally to have a better understanding and appreciation to the films.

Advanced English Conversation: Business English
Elective 0/2

This is a class in oral English. Students are expected to participate fully in pair/group work and do extensive speaking practice in class as a means of developing better conversation skills and listening. Collaboration and cooperation are necessary and encouraged; however, students will be evaluated individually.

Translation Theories and Analysis
Elective 2/2

This course aims to develop students’ proper perspective on translation. The fall semester focuses on translation theories, the spring semester on translation quality assessment. Students are expected to learn how to analyze and appreciate translation works.

Elective 3/0, 0/3

In this course, you will study language use in various social contexts. We focus on general issues and major theoretical concepts originating in the western societies, building a foundation for specific case studies in the field. And we will look at various case studies, especially those in East Asian societies, considering their implications for greater Chinese communities and the field of sociolinguistics. Students acquire a basic understanding of how (and if) a language can work under different circumstances.

Scene Study
Elective 2/0

This course aims to analyze the interweaving relationship among characters, scenes and plots through the close reading of drama scripts. While performing of the scenes is not required, students will be allowed to act out scenes if they desire to heighten and clarify their understanding.

Advanced Scene Study
Elective 0/2

This course is an extension of the Selected Readings of Scene Study.

The Ins and Outs of Literature of the Closet
Elective 2/0

The aim of this course is for students to understand how LGBT Literature has developed from the early period when it was in the closet to the modern period when writers could not only express their feelings but have a positive opinion of themselves.

Eastern Thought in Modern Western Literature
Elective 0/2

This course aims to understand the important role oriental philosophies play in western literature and to understand the oriental philosophies through a western perspective. 

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