Office Staff

Jennifer Shih, Secretary

Functionary Substitute: Willis Liao

Ext. 6482


Job Description:

  1. Manage administrative documents
  2. Handle administrative meetings and minutes
  3. Oversee undergraduate curricula
  4. Manage teacher and office staff employment (promotion, sabbatical, MOE certificate, etc.)
  5. Manage departmental affairs and organize material for other school divisions
  6. Supervise the School Development Projects
  7. Facilitate departmental self-evaluation and teachers’ evaluations
  8. Manage budget
  9. Supervise use of culture classroom
  10. Other designated affairs

Willis Liao, Secretary

Functionary Substitute: Jennifer Shih

Ext. 6486


Job Description:

  1. Manage M.A. program affairs
  2. Assist Literature Division (including academic exchange and teacher workshops)
  3. Manage teachers’ offices, computers and audio-visual equipment
  4. Photograph, videograph and archive departmental activities
  5. Manage departmental website
  6. Facilitate teachers’ research projects (MOST)
  7. Apply and document academic research and development
  8. Assist teacher's academic exchange and conference attendance
  9. Assist the English Department Alumni Association
  10. Collect and organize information of graduating students
  11. Publish articles on university's newsletter, Soochow Alumni and department’s journal
  12. Organize and update of Department Calendar
  13. Assist work permit application for foreigner teachers.
  14. Assist the Tour Guide Training Program
  15. Other designated affairs


Carina Chu, Teaching Assistant

Functionary Substitute: Jenny Chang

Ext. 6483


Job Description:

  1. Assist undergraduate curricula
  2. Oversee freshman student counseling and the “First Mile” orientation
  3. Assist in course selection and counseling
  4. Assist student performances and exhibitions: Graduation Production, Simultaneous Interpretation Project and Ultramarathon
  5. Oversee freshmen and sophomore student counseling (including course waivers and transfer credits for transfer students)
  6. Oversee disability support for disabled students
  7. Oversee midterm warning system
  8. Assist Entrance Admission
  9. Assist Oral and Reading Divisions (including academic exchange and teacher workshops)
  10. Assist Teacher’s Training Program Division
  11. Oversee department's course evaluation (First and Second year)
  12. Assist Summer School for the department
  13. Other designated affairs


Jenny Chang, Teaching Assistant

Ext. 6484


Functionary Substitute: Ellis Chen

Job Description:

  1. Advise English Department Student Association
  2. Facilitate student activities (department sports day, and activities related to university anniversaries, Orientation Camp, and department article)
  3. Oversee H101 classroom booking
  4. Student worker management
  5. Publish and facilitate Student Self-learning Handbook
  6. Manage advisor affairs
  7. Oversee Freshmen Study Plan
  8. Oversee junior and senior student counseling (including course waivers and transfer credits for transfer students)
  9. Oversee department's course evaluation (Third and Fourth year) 
  10. Assist Linguistics Division (including academic exchange and teacher workshops)
  11. Facilitate cultural activities
  12. Curate poster exhibitions for the hallway
  13. Assist college graduation commencement and facilitate department Tassel Ceremony
  14. Facilitate overseas internship programs
  15. Facilitate academic exchanges for students, and credit-bearing overseas study group
  16. Assist documents translation for the department
  17. Other designated affairs

Ruby Liao, Teaching Assistant

Functionary Substitute: Carina Chu

Ext. 6487 


Job Description:

  1. Manage printing quotas
  2. Manage the photocopier
  3. Assist vehicle management and parking space application
  4. Assist with speeches and teaching workshops
  5. Manage departmental and school library affairs such as book purchasing
  6. Manage teachers' office hours and address book
  7. Manage and maintain R0902 and R0913 classrooms
  8. Manage and maintain timetable and environment of the English Corner
  9. Facilitate university-wide English speech contest
  10. Design and manage the bulletin boards
  11. Assist course evaluation of night division
  12. Oversee night division course selection
  13. Oversee night division freshmen and transfer student consuleing (including course waivers and transfer credits for transfer students)
  14. Assist Writing and Translation (including academic exchange and teacher workshops)
  15. Facilitate internship programs and student activities
  16. Facilitate industry-university cooperative research projects
  17. Other designated affairs

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