Educational Goals and Features

Educational Goals of Graduate Program in Translation and Interpreting, English Department, Soochow University:

The Graduate Program in Comparative Literature was founded in 2001, later renamed as Graduate Program in English in 2011. In response to changes in social circumstances and needs of higher education professionals, in 2018 the Program was transformed into Graduate Program in Translation and Interpreting, where practical training is set as its primary objective. Based on the Undergraduate Program’s solid foundation on literature reading and language training, various courses in the fields of translation and interpreting are offered to cultivate students’ humanistic qualities and critical thinking, as well as to strengthen their Chinese-English cross-cultural communication both in depth and breadth. In addition, to broaden student’s international perspective, dual-degree opportunities with international partner institutions are offered.

The curriculum encompasses 4 professional aspects:

  1. practical competence in professional Chinese-English translation and interpreting;
  2. comprehension of basic translation theories and research methods; 
  3. application of translation/interpreting capability to interdisciplinary fields; 
  4. presentation of research results on academic occasions, and completion of an MA thesis in English.

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