Educational Goals and Features

Functions, Features, and Goals of the Graduate Program of the English Department in Soochow University

The primary objective of the Graduate Program of the English Department in Soochow University is to develop students’ research and language skills in the humanistic and social science tradition. The training and instruction provided are directed at strengthening students’ English ability in critical thinking and writing and their research aptitude by the analysis of a wide range of English-language texts. In literature, the program takes on a broad aim by presenting a comparative approach that encourages students to examine Chinese and Taiwanese literatures, cultures, and languages from the perspective of Western literatures and vice versa. Students also have opportunities to develop practical English language skills through courses offered in English-Chinese translation, and English language and teaching courses.

The educational goal of the program is to foster students’ language ability, critical thinking and research aptitude through core courses in writing and research, and extensive elective courses in literature and language that prepare students to write a thesis on their particular area of interest. This educational program aims at cultivating students’ knowledge and abilities to prepare them for their future careers in a wide range of disciplines, including those in the academic, educational, and cultural fields.

Starting with 2017-18 academic year, the primary objective of the Graduate Program is shifted to practical training in translation and interpreting.

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