Speech by Prof Emer O’Sullivan

Date and Time : March 29, 10:10-12:00

Venue: R0313

Lecture Title: “Imagining Difference: strange people and places in children’s literature”




Representations of foreign people and places have featured in children’s literature – both non-fiction and fiction–  since its beginnings in the 18th century. With a focus on illustrated material and picturebooks, which use both textual and visual means to represent others, this talk will examine how these representations have changed in accordance with ideas about what children should be told or taught. The material covered ranges from early 19th-century English ABC books, through 20th-century French atlases of imaginary worlds, to contemporary examples of performative, playful treatments of foreign locations in picturebooks from the USA. 


About the Speaker: 


Prof. Dr. Emer O’Sullivan is Professor of English Literature at the Institute of English Studies at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Her fields of interest are comparative literature, translation studies, image studies, children's literature and literature in the classroom (intercultural aspects and children's literature in foreign language learning and teaching). She is the author, together with Dietmar Rösler, of eight genuinely bilingual children's books. https://www.leuphana.de/en/university/staff-members/emer-osullivan.html