Program 議程

Conference Program 大會議程

Conference Handbook

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Time Zone 顯示時區:Asia/Taipei 

Time 時間
議程 Program
8:30 am
Registration 報到 | Online Testing 網路測試
8:50 am
Opening Ceremony

Yuh-Neu Chen, Vice President and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, NCKU
國立成功大學副校長暨文學院院長 陳玉女
Su-Lin Yu, Director of CHASS, NCKU
國立成功大學人文社會科學中心主任 游素玲
Andrea Mei-Ying Wu, President of TCLRA
台灣兒童文學研究學會理事長 吳玫瑛
9:00 am
Keynote Speech 主題演講
Abstract 演講摘要
Dafna Zur | Stanford University, USA

10:30 am
Break Time 休息時間
10:40 am
A1: Mobility and Transculturality
Abstracts 摘要
Jonathan Mark Klassen, Manjari Singh & Natasha Heller
B1: Identity and Ethnicit
Abstracts 摘要
Sarah Park Dahlen, Bess Yukuan Chen & Yiyin Laurie Lee
C1: 冷戰、白色恐怖與創傷童年
12:00 pm
Break Time (Lunch Break) 休息(午餐)時間
1:00 pm
A2: Trauma and Childhood
Abstracts 摘要
Shuya Su and Sharifah Osman
B2: Autobiography and Memoir
Abstracts 摘要
Melek Ortabasi and Yu Min Claire Chen
C2: 自傳、回憶錄與摩登童年
2:20 pm
Break Time 休息時間
2:40 pm
A3: Colonial Childhood
Abstracts 摘要
Catherine Lianza Aquino and Hiroko Matsuzaki
B3: Picturebooks and Memory
Abstracts 摘要
Hui-Ling Huang, Michelle Chan and Cheng-Ting Chang
C3: 記憶、藝技與童年文化
4:00 pm
Break Time 休息時間
4:20 pm
A4: Child Participation and Empowerment
Abstracts 摘要
Bulwach Sereechaiporn, Darrel Marco, Marielle Justine C. Sumilong, Thanh-Nguyet Nguyen and Thanh-Giang Dang
B4: Childhood in Visual Media
Abstracts 摘要
Luxin Yin, Faye Dorcas Yung, Vivien Ying Tung Chan and Sing Cheung
C4: 文本、翻譯與童年書寫
5:40 pm
Closing Ceremony 閉幕式
Conference Room 點此進入

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