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An international one-day conference hosted by

  • Department of English Language and Literature, Soochow University
  • Taiwan Children’s Literature Research Association (TCLRA)                                                              Date: Saturday, November 24, 2018
    Venue: Soochow University, Taipei
    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Gillian Lathey, University of Roehampton, London
    The field of children’s literature in Taiwan shows a large proportion of imported and translated texts. It is obvious that children in Taiwan are exposed to numerous creations from many cultures including works translated from English, Japanese, and other languages. Children’s and youth literature from Taiwan may also be exported to other countries and translated into various languages, including English, French, German, indigenous languages, etc. Literary works for children are also adapted and translated into other media including film, animation, computer games, graphic novels, and picture books. This conference will look at the importance of translation in children’s and young adult literature both in Taiwan and in other countries around the world.